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USS YMS-346.png
YMS-346 Norfolk Navy Yard, Nov 14,1943

USS YMS-346, a 245-ton auxiliary motor minesweeper built at Jacksonville, Florida, was commissioned in August 1943.  She crossed the Atlantic late in the year and spent all of 1944 operating in the English Channel area.  After returning to the U.S. in early 1945, the minesweeper went to the Pacific in mid-year, then voyaged onward to Okinawa, where she arrived well after Japan's surrender.  She served briefly in Japanese and Philippine waters before being placed out of commission at the beginning of May 1946.  YMS-346 was stricken from the Navy register in June 1946.  Though considered for transfer to China, this was not carried out and she was sold in October 1948.  

                                          Link to Source: Department of the Navy Historical Center

Ship Specifications:
Displacement 270 t.
Length 136'
Beam 24' 6"
Draft 8'
Speed 15 kts.
Complement 32
Armament: One 3"/50 dual purpose gun mount, two 20mm mounts,
and two depth charge projectors
Propulsion: Two 880bhp General Motors 8-268A diesel engines, Snow 
and Knobstedt single reduction gear, two shafts.
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Photos of the ship under construction.
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Smoke Stack Insignia YMS-346

Insignia painted by Jack on the smokestack of the ship

Model of YMS-346 built by Jack Whiteman
Model of YMS-346 built by Jack Whiteman

In the 1980's Jack built this detailed model of the ship including sailors, all from scratch

Drawing of Minesweeper YMS-346 by Jack Whiteman

Jack's original drawing of the ship

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