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Letters and Cartoons
A selection of the letters written by Jack to his sister Bess.  Excerpts from other letters depicting his experiences will be included in blog posts.
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WW2 Letter Learning about Mines 4/11/43
Learning about mines
Letter YMS-346 Ship Commission
Commission Ceremony
Postmarked 8/21/43
WW2 Letter YMS-346 crew stories
Crew stories 
Letter WW2 First Trips on YMS-346
First trips
Postmarked 10/17/43
WW2 Letter Permission to state where they/ve been D-Day
Permission to state where they are and D-Day 8/5/44
WW2 Letter identifying crew of YMS-346
Regarding the photographs
WW2 Letter regarding sinking of the Leopoldville on Christmas Eve 1944
Christmas Eve tragedy
Sinking of the Leopoldville
WW2 Letter regarding News of the End of War
News of the end of war


Jack drew multiple cartoons on his letters and envelopes. 
Select the envelope below to link to a page of more cartoons
anchor cartoon
WW2 envelope with sailor cartoon
minesweeper guy cartoon
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