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One minesweeper, one group of brave men and a lasting legacy.
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Photographs of the officers and crew 

1943 -1944



First year celebration

20 August 1943 -

20 August 1944 



Photographs of the ship, specifications

and related information



A selection of letters and original cartoons

1942 - 1945

Family group_edited.jpg


Photographs of family

at home

1943 - 1944 

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Image by Anastasia Taioglou

August 20, 1943 found a group of officers and men leaving Jacksonville,

Florida - starting on new careers and missions........

August 20, 1944 finds a group of seasoned sailors who have gone through more than mere words could describe, still sweeping in enemy territory........

August 20, 1945 may that date find ever-lasting peace all over the world

and all of us just "kids" again, home with our loved ones.  To those who are

making the Navy their career and who will still be in uniform when the rest of

us are home enjoying American Freedom -MAY GOD BE WITH THEM ALWAYS.

                                                        - Yeoman Meyer H. Leavitt (1944)

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